Developing and supporting Christian leaders across the nations
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Advice and Support

David & Heather have spent many years in leadership within the Wey Christian Fellowship and previously in the Methodist Church. They now use their experience to support other church leaders.

David regularly meets with the leaders of Weybourne Community Church.

As David & Heather have ministered, God has led them into a mentoring relationship with a number of leaders.

Most of these are in East Africa and for these it is mainly a long distance form of mentoring.

These relationships are highly valued and this is an important part of the work.


The Secondhand Uniform Shop at St George’s College, Weybridge, and others have given many clothes, which have been sent to Africa and elsewhere. Many children in schools and orphanages have benefitted.

Books and other teaching materials have been provided to schools in Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya and Nigeria.

Funds have been raised to help with building and equipping schools and churches in East Africa where David & Heather have a personal connection.

Clothes - Uganda