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David and Heather

David & Heather

Early Christian Ministry

David became a Christian in 1966 and served as a Boys Brigade officer, a youth leader and a Methodist local preacher in the Staines and Ashford area.

Heather also served as a youth leader at Ashford Methodist Church, where she had become a Christian in 1975.

They moved to Weybridge in 1985 and joined the Wey Christian Fellowship at its beginning.

From Computers to Church Leadership

David worked for BP for 20 years developing computer software before they made him redundant in 1991. However, God was bringing him out of BP for a purpose and within months David & Heather became part of a new leadership team at the church.

Since 1993 they have been involved full time in Christian ministry and David began travelling overseas that year. Initially he travelled extensively to Asia and Central America but now concentrates mainly on Africa.

Focus on Overseas Work

In 2009 they passed on the main leadership of the church in order to concentrate on their work overseas and dh ministries was officially formed. David continues as an Elder in the church and Heather works part time as the church administrator.

Their focus is developing and supporting Christian leaders, in particular carrying out John Maxwell's Million Leaders Mandate Training.

David is also one of the founders of Mission Africa, an evangelistic and teaching ministry.