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Council of Reference

Bernie & Maureen Howe

Bernie & Maureen Howe are members of Living Word Community Church, Hailsham. Over a period of many years they have been involved in planting and leading different churches. They now support and advise church leadership teams and other ministries.

Bernie and Maureen

David Ballard

David Ballard is one of the co-founders of Mission Africa with David. He travels regularly to Africa to conduct Discipleship Training conferences. He first met David in 1989 through the Walk of 1000 Men evangelistic ministry.

Yaabari Uebari

Yaabari Uebari is a former Pastor of Wey Christian Fellowship and has carried out MLM Training with David in Uganda, Nigeria and Qatar.

Alex Afriyie

Alex Afriyie is Senior Pastor of London Network Church and one of the key leaders in River Network. He taught alongside David at the MLM Training in Kenya.

Yaabari Uebari Alex Afriyie David Ballard